What is trink Impossible Glass?

Trink Impossible Glass is a unique screen protector with a special Gorilla Glass Coating and 9H Hardness that protects both the screen and exterior of electronic devices from nicks, hammer proof and  scratches. Trink impossible glass is custom cut for the dimensions of your device and adheres directly onto the device providing a seamless, optically clear protection without adding any further bulk. Being just 0.2mm thick, it makes your screen it is virtually invisible, flexible and reusable when applied on your device, allowing you a free hold and carry. It is so thin and clear that any average onlooker would not even realize it on your device.

How is it better than normal screen protectors?

Unlike traditional screen protectors, Trink Impossible Glass is designed for each and every phone device.

Normal screen protectors can only be applied on screens which is not strong enough to protect your phone plus it is not scratch free whereas Trink Impossible Glass is flexible and unbreakable specially designed for every mobile screen .

Trink Impossible Glass is also a lot more tough and resilient in preventing your precious gadgets from scratches when compared to normal screen protectors and scratch guards.

Is it removable?

Yes, Trink Impossible Glass is easily removable from your device although it is designed to stay on your device.

Will it leave behind any residue?


Is it re-usable?

Yes, Trink Impossible Glass is reusable. Trink Impossible Glass will not change its shape and size once it is removed.

Does is come pre-cut or do I have to cut it?

Trink Impossible Glass comes completely customized and precision cut for your device. Cut-outs are made for all the buttons, camera, battery cover and all other ports so that these are left uncovered for use..